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Economic and tourism development in the Sunraysia region will soon be delivered under a new model by Mildura Rural City Council.

It follows Council’s recent announcement of an Economic and Tourism Development Framework.

The framework features two independent advisory boards dedicated to economic and tourism growth respectively.

These boards will guide strategic direction for these important areas, while the Council will take on the operational roles currently delivered by Mildura Regional Development.

Plans are now being finalised to guide this transition process, which is expected to take several months.

In the meantime Mildura Regional Development can still be contacted at Contact Mildura Regional Development | Tourism & Development Experts

For more information visit New model to drive economic and tourism development (


Mildura Regional Development continues to be a company limited by guarantee and will manage various project deliveries.

This includes an interim board of directors being in place, which will meet regularly as required by ASIC-registered companies.

Some operational functions will transition to Mildura Rural City Council.