MRD launches Education Mildura initiative - Mildura Region
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MRD launches Education Mildura initiative

Education Mildura

As Mildura Regional Development continues to explore opportunities for regional growth, CEO Daryl Buckingham has announced the organisation’s latest initiative, ‘Education Mildura’.

Mr. Buckingham said the project is designed to attract students, particularly international students, to Mildura.

“Working in partnership with educators, trainers and industry, MRD will develop exportable education and training products, using the offerings out of Armidale NSW, as a benchmark.

“We will grow an international student cohort, based on contemporary, targeted and bespoke training and education products with a digital/ IIOT transition focus.”
Mr. Buckingham said that over the past decade many of Australia’s job losses have come from big industry, while job growth has come from start-ups and SMEs – the service and education sectors feature prominently in this growth. He said that Education Mildura is a contemporary education product designed to capitalise on this growth.

“Education is a major contributor in terms of export dollars, jobs and the visitor economy and can also go some way to addressing the loss of talent to larger metropolitan centres, by expanding opportunities for our young people to explore education and employment options in Mildura. When combined with research, technology development and targeted market needs you have a game changer in terms of investment and jobs creation.

The objectives of Education Mildura are:
1. To position Mildura as a pre-eminently ‘connected’ university town in the vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sector to become the unrivalled partner of choice in terms of agriculture/ horticulture, applied research and IIOT/ precision farming related education & training.
2. To transform the experience of our students and improve their satisfaction by taking a student-first approach to everything we do.
3. To attract new students from non-traditional backgrounds, including those from Indigenous, first-in-family and low-social economic backgrounds.
4. To attract more international students.
5. To offer trusted new, career-specific credentials to attract those already in the workforce needing to upgrade their skills to keep up with technological and workforce trends.
6. To create a better consumer experience for digitally-connected and time-challenged students, through flexible course structures and blended modes of delivery and by providing a smooth and efficient balance between digitally-delivered and face-to-face courses.
7. We will build Mildura’s reputation for the employability of its trainees and graduates by ensuring our qualifications and training meet industry standards, provide the skills and personal attributes employers demand and that our education and training product maintains relevancy in a rapidly changing world.
8. Our Smart Farm and IOT projects will offer co-location opportunities with industry partners to support innovation, business creation and employment opportunities for our students and the industries that partner with, and support us.
9. We will position Mildura as a global example of a best practice, digitally connected hort/ag-tech education and training city of the future.
10. We will continue to strengthen the financial position of Mildura as a learning hub and future proof the revenues with our education partners, by investing in new educational technologies to position Mildura and our partners to take advantage of the disruption of the university/ education/ training business model in general.

Clearly, MRD believes that education is the key to unlocking opportunity.

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