Mildura Regional Development and SuniTAFE sign MOU with Canadian Solar - Mildura Region
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Mildura Regional Development and SuniTAFE sign MOU with Canadian Solar

A ground-breaking memorandum of understanding has been reached between Mildura Regional Development (MRD) and Canadian Solar (Australia) P/L and that has the potential to further invigorate the energy landscape of the region at a range of scales.

Through the Mildura Smart Horticulture Research Centre (MSHRC), the organisations will investigate and identify ways to integrate renewable energy and reduce energy costs for consumers and business. Canadian Solar are also proposing a large scale solar farm at Carwarp and exploring ways to enable community ownership for part of this larger project.

Furthermore, Sunraysia TAFE has signed an exciting MOU with setting Canadian Solar (Australia) P/L which will allow Canadian Solar to assist SuniTAFE with shaping their training programs. This will include skill development opportunities for those wanting to be involved in the delivery and operation of solar farm projects in the region, which will ultimately help maximise the local benefits of building these projects in the region.

Canadian Solar are also investigating options to collaborate with several local employment services providers including but not limited to Dream Harvest, Sunraysia Regional Consulting, Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council(SMECC) and MADEC.

“We are excited to work with Regional Development Mildura to provide valuable economic development opportunities for the local region through our project and SuniTAFE to help build local skills to support the renewable energy industry.” – Yu Chan, Project Developer Canadian Solar.

“We a thrilled with the potential opportunity to facilitate the Labour needs of Canadian Solar. Dream Harvest is a Mildura based company that will endeavour to provide opportunities and employment to local people above all else,” said Matt Simpson from Dream Harvest.

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