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We are focused on regional development and tourism.

Through projects like the Smart Farm and partnerships with local and external businesses, education facilities and investors, Mildura Regional Development is propelling the region towards a future that’s bright, prosperous and secure.

What people are saying about MRD

Mission Mildura

MRD researches and adopts the latest technology and forges strong partnerships to enhance the economy of the Mildura region.

  • We are building a platform to support an innovative eco system.
  • We are working in a commercial and evidence based manner, and in partnerships that are collaborative, collegial and value-adding.
  • We’re capitalising on our region’s strengths and opportunities in the tourism, agribusiness, horticultural and related education and technology spaces.
  • We have a sense of team, operate transparently and ethically and are ever-mindful that we are the custodians of public money.
  • We have open minds and enquiring, flexible attitudes.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Mildura in a snapshot

The Mallee region is an economic powerhouse that leverages its horticultural investment and large scale food industry production to support regional prosperity.

Population: 53,326

Land area: 22,330 km

Key industries: Dryland farming, irrigated horticulture (table grapes, wine grapes, dried grapes, citrus, vegetables and nuts), tourism, food and beverage manufacturing, transport and logistics, retail, health and community services

The output generated by the Mallee region is estimated to be around $10,222.44 billion annually.

Mildura is open for business.