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Mildura Regional Development (MRD) CEO Daryl Buckingham has spoken about why the Remembrance Silo Art Trail is required and how the artwork will be chosen. In an interview with ABC Mildura Swan Hill, Buckingham was asked about why the Mildura Region required the flagship project and how the artwork for each silo would be chosen. This clip has been edited into a handy two minute long segment, but keep an eye and ear open for more clips as Buckingham goes into more detail about the projects.

Mildura Regional Development (MRD) are delighted and excited to announce a proposed avenue of honour memorial and tourism project. This project has the potential to invigorate towns and we are inviting interested parties to contact us to share their opinion. The Remembrance Silo Art Trail (RSAT) will stretch from Ouyen, through Murrayville and end at Panitya. It will cover 129km and 10 silo sites, all of which will have a historical military theme that honours the sacrifices made by servicemen and women from the Mallee. The project will also be timed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign as well as the charge at Beersheba. The artwork will be created by veterans, adding authenticity and meaning to the trail.

The Remembrance Silo Art Trail will be a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of regional towns outside Mildura. Stretching from Ouyen to Murrayville and up to the South Australia border, the trail aims to leverage off Silo Art Trails further south and attract increased visitation to the Mildura Local Government Area. The RSAT will commemorate the sacrifices made by local servicemen and women in defence of our values and freedom. Each silo will honour a different conflict.