New to the team - Mildura Region
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New to the team

Mildura Regional Development has recently welcomed Mr. John Jackson to its team, as an Aboriginal Economic Broker. Mr. Jackson’s role will be to support the development of business and initiatives within Mildura’s Aboriginal community.

MRD Chief Executive Officer, Daryl Buckingham, said Mr. Jackson will play a pivotal role in supporting business and tourism opportunities, with increased interest in cultural heritage driving a new wave of tourists in Australia.

“We discovered a grant opportunity was available to fund an Aboriginal Economic Broker and we were aware of the potential such a position could offer Mildura. For that reason, my team submitted an application and we were thrilled to be one of six successful applicants for the very competitive grant round.

“John comes to us with a wealth of experience, knowledge and connections behind him but more than that, he comes with a passion for advancing the opportunities for Aboriginal people. I am truly excited by all that lies ahead, now we have John as a guide.”

With Mildura’s economy bucking many national trends, going from strength to strength, Mr. Buckingham believes the time is right to explore new business opportunities and innovation across all sectors and sees the Aboriginal community as being poised for great things.

“Our outputs continue to demonstrate that our region is a real powerhouse and we must ensure that the people achieving these great things have access to the support and intelligence that will allow them to evolve and innovate in line with global demands but equally, we must ensure that we do all we can to bring new and evolving sectors along for the ride.

“There is great potential for Aboriginal businesses to grow on the back of our regional strength and tourism is central to this. There is global tourist demand for authentic cultural experiences and Mildura can offer this. The Aboriginal community here is rich in talent and knowledge and I look forward to seeing John linking both these things with the opportunities that undeniably exist.”

Mr. Jackson shares Mr. Buckingham’s optimism and commitment.

“I am very excited about the possibilities this position can open up for our community, for people wanting to achieve their goals in business.

“Throughout my career I have found that assisting a person to meet their goals, to help them build financial security and promise, has been my ultimate satisfaction.”

With a background in the Aboriginal education sector, Mr. Jackson is clearly a man firmly focused on the future.


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