Mildura to get LoRaWAN Community IoT Data Network - Mildura Region
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Mildura to get LoRaWAN Community IoT Data Network

Mildura – a Smart City

Mildura Regional Development is partnering with SuniTafe and Mildura Rural City Council to provide a LoRaWAN Community IoT Network which will support a new education program based around IOT technology and sensor development and management.

A planned ‘Smart Farm’ which will offer an on-ground training and R&D facility will further enhance Mildura’s position as a centre for ag-tech.

Mildura Regional Development CEO, Daryl Buckingham believes the network will be a critical advance in what Mildura can deliver.

“As a partnership, will form links to a larger innovation ecosystem that will promote and assist local community and business to reduce their environmental footprint through precision technology and the LoRaWAN network, to reduce water, energy, nutrient and herbicide usage domestically and commercially.”

The project will see the installation of a low power, long range, open standards data network, supporting applications for smart sensor devices, which will help with precision management of water, crops, solar, waste, emissions and air quality.

Mr. Buckingham says the project will help in identifying, implementing, monitoring and evaluating solutions to assist regional and global issues relating to climate change.

“We will actively seek out opportunities that will expand educational activities, provide practical benefits to our region and provide our community with the tools to monitor and reduce waste and energy; deliver a Smart Farm (see more about the Smart Farm here) that is a Centre of Excellence, providing an opportunity for an international standard education and a pathway for businesses to access a Low Range Wide Area Data Network (LoRaWAN). This will mean businesses can connect to global technology, to utilise smart technology and IOT.”

The project is part of Mildura Regional Development’s holistic approach to solution based thinking in pursuit of new, innovative practices in the ag/hort sectors, as a response to climate pressures.

“By being proactive rather than reactive, we see a bright future for the residents of our region,” Mr. Buckingham said.

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