LaunchVic Grant success - Mildura Region
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LaunchVic Grant success

Thursday, 5th July, 2018
The Chief Executive Officer of Mildura Regional Development (MRD), Mr. Daryl Buckingham, has spent the past two days in Ballarat, attending the LaunchVic Grant announcement event and he hasn’t come home empty handed.
Committed to placing Mildura in the best position to capitalise on emerging opportunities, as the world increasingly embraces the digital age, MRD, in partnership with Mildura Rural City Council, submitted an application to the LaunchVic funding round, which was developed to support entrepreneurship and innovation. The proposed Mildura project was designed to give start-up businesses access to a range of workshops and skills development programs that would help their business grow and more broadly, encourage a start-up ecosystem in the region.
“This fund presented a great opportunity for Mildura and the grant process was highly competitive, with 32 applications submitted across 56 local government areas. To be announced as one of only 15 programs to receive funding is a huge coup and
demonstrates not only the strength of the proposal but the depth of potential and talent in the Mildura region,” Mr. Buckingham said.
The program, ‘Magnify Mildura’, will receive $50,000 and it will be used to develop connections and innovative entrepreneurship, with the long-term view of creating a vibrant regional hub for start-up businesses.
“Mildura has a fine tradition of innovation in the horticulture, advanced manufacturing and export sectors and a deep understanding of the value chains that link each commercial sector to success, both on an individual level and in terms of the economic drivers of the region and beyond.
“With this foundation, we have the scope to create and deliver so much more, through diversification and technology and we view the LaunchVic grant as another way to provide opportunities for that growth in the innovative entrepreneur sector of our region,” Mr. Buckingham said.
While in Ballarat, Mr. Buckingham also had the opportunity to hold discussions with the Victorian Minister for Trade and Investment, Innovation and the Digital Economy and Small Business, Mr. Philip Dalidakis.
“To have an opportunity to speak with the Minister and showcase what Mildura is achieving and the scope that exists to build on it, was invaluable.
“We are a great region, with so many positive things happening, so many good things being planned and it is vital that we get that message out. We want people to believe in what we can do here, we want investors, private and government, to know that we are worth investing in.”
This funding announcement is part of the sixth round of the LaunchVic grants program and the Magnify Mildura program is one of many initiatives MRD is spearheading in its commitment to exploring and providing new opportunities for business growth and innovation in Mildura.

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