Mildura Regional Development announces a rural reinvigoration project - Mildura Region
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Mildura Regional Development announces a rural reinvigoration project

Mildura Regional Development (MRD) has announced today that is has been working on a proposed Remembrance Silo Art Trail concept. CEO Daryl Buckingham believes the project has the potential to support some of the region’s outlying towns and he is inviting interested parties to join in a discussion around the possibilities.

The proposed trail would cover 129km beginning outside Ouyen and finishing in Panitya. There would be up to 10 silo sites included in the trail and all of the silos would feature a military theme honouring the sacrifices made by servicemen and women from the Mallee.

The project will also be timed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign as well as the charge at Beersheba. The artwork will be created by veterans, adding authenticity and meaning to the trail.

The first stage of the project will see the grain silos painted, while the second stage will make use of cutting edge technology to deliver an augmented reality experience at every site.

This project offers the potential to capitalise on the already established Silo Art Trails in Western Victoria, securing the region’s position as Australia’s leading Outdoor Art Gallery. It will also open up a perfect opportunity to connect with and leverage off the increased interest and visitation to Lake Tyrell. Importantly, it will provide economic benefit to all the towns and communities along the feeder routes.

MRD CEO Daryl Buckingham believes that it’s a unique opportunity to inject new opportunity into the towns along the trail.

“I am genuinely excited by the possibilities this project offers. Through the trail, we can attract new visitors to our region and in doing so, help to support the economic growth not only of Mildura, but of the many outlying communities linked to the Silo Art Trail.

Additionally, as an ex-serviceman and veteran’s welfare officer, the theme of this trail is one I’m extremely passionate about. The subject matter is incredibly close to my heart and this project can help to raise awareness of the sacrifice our servicemen and servicewoman, and they do make a tremendous sacrifice,  for our freedoms and way of life.

“Today is the start of the community engagement process and we are also working to develop a partnership with GrainCorp and forming an appropriate advisory committee along with other logistics,” concluded Buckingham.

MRD are exploring various crowd funding opportunities and sponsorships. If you’d like to be involved in this unique project, email Pamela Canavan at

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