Mildura Regional Development announce groundbreaking rural reinvigoration project

Mildura Regional Development announce groundbreaking rural reinvigoration project

Mildura Regional Development (MRD) are delighted and excited to announce a proposed avenue of honour memorial and tourism project. This project has the potential to invigorate dying towns and revitalise neglected areas, and we are inviting interested parties to contact us to share their opinion.

The Remembrance Silo Art Trail (RSAT) will stretch from Ouyen, through Murrayville and end at Panitya. It will cover 129km and 10 silo sites, all of which will be painted with a military historical theme that respects, commemorates and immortalises the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces for the values that Australia holds dear.

The project will also be timed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign as well as the charge at Beersheba. The artwork will be created by veterans, which will add to the emotional value of the trail as well as its credibility.

As the region around Mildura is comprised of former soldier settlements and has a rich military history, this project will stay true to the flavour of the area while bringing life to places that are experiencing population and economic decline.

The first stage of the project will comprise of painted grain silos, while the second will make use of cutting edge technology to deliver an augmented reality history lesson at every site.

This project will have national and international significance through the combined elements of tourism, education, military history, economic development and social development. It will also open up a perfect opportunity to connect with the expansion and increased interest in Sea Lake and Lake Tyrell and importantly it will provide economic benefit to all towns and communities along the feeder routes.

Talking about the project, MRD CEO Daryl Buckingham said: “I truly believe that this is a unique opportunity to inject some life into the towns along the trail. They have been neglected for too long but the Remembrance Silo Art Trail will change that.

“As an ex-serviceman and veteran’s welfare officer, this is also a subject that I’m extremely passionate about. The subject matter is incredibly close to my heart and this project can help to raise awareness of the sacrifice our servicemen and servicewoman, and they do make a tremendous sacrifice, have made for our freedoms and way of life everyday. Veterans are the highest growing cohort of suicides and homelessness and if just one is helped by this trail I’ll consider it job done.

“Today is the start of the community engagement process and we have some challenges to overcome, including developing a partnership with GrainCorp, forming an appropriate advisory committee and logistics,” concluded Buckingham.

MRD are exploring various crowd funding opportunities and sponsorships. If you’d like to be involved in this unique project, email Pamela Canavan at

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