The Mill

The Mill will be Mildura’s leading community co-working space. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and innovators can all come together and work among each other in the most exciting space in regional Victoria for new businesses to grow!

With membership options ranging from full-time to community, there will be a way for everyone – no matter how small or big your start-up is – to make the most of the space available. Come and have a throw of darts, refresh your brain by stepping away from the laptop and working on your putting or grab a quick game of foosball! Members have access to the most exciting working environment in the region and a cutting-edge activity based workspace as well as a board room, co-op spaces, AV equipment, high-speed internet, breakout spaces and a kitchen.

If this sounds like the type of space, you need please do not hesitate to organise a tour or give us a call and ask us all about the space and what it can offer you and your business.

Mico grants

The Mill micro grants provides a starting point for creatives to transform their talents into venture concepts, helping them engage with the economy in a meaningful and rewarding way.

The platform will develop your creative passion into a project proposal by following the step-by-step project creation process. It will share and promote your project over a two month voting period, with the most voted projects receiving a $1000 grant to take their idea to the next stage.

The Mill micro grants will be part of a wide-spread growth in support for entrepreneurship in the region. New communities, training, grants and competitions provide a healthy context for local creatives to realistically pursue their own ventures and engage with the local and global economy. This program will serve as a bridge for those who are beginning their journey and will provide the preliminary tools and experience to take part in the innovation ecosystem and facilitated crowd funding programs.

Business advisory service

Our expert business advisors are passionate about nurturing the innovation community and will provide FREE one-on-one 30 min consultations. Schedule your appointment today and gain invaluable advice that will help you identify growth opportunities and potentially assist you in avoiding the common pitfalls of starting and managing a new business. Ongoing coaching is also available for selected entrepreneurs.


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