Smart Farm

The Mildura Smart Horticulture Co-operative Research Center (MSHCRC) is going to change the game.

When the world around us is changing faster than we realise, those who fall behind become obsolete. The MSHCRC is going to make sure that never happens to farmers in the region.

Right now there is no program dedicated to making this happen. That will change. The MSHCRC will do this through national and international integration of R&D, education, distribution and commercialisation.


It will look towards the future by providing vocational education and training (VET) that combines experience and qualifications by linking to university students, horticultural companies, tech companies, growers, robotics specialists, the industrial internet of things (IIOT) and horticultural experts from Australia and around the world.

The goal of MSHCRC is to develop, test and commercialise IIOT solutions and combine them with robotics and that sector to increase productivity and sustainability on farms. It will be a world recognised center of excellent in applied education, tech research and commercial development. It will provide pathways from product concept to market, VET and higher education training and will help bring ideas to market.

We will combine higher education through La Trobe University and SuniTafe with industry and end users to indentify, develop and deliver training that meets international standards. These programs will be created to research, operate and maintain the technology needed to run smart farms and are the missing link.


The goal of the MSHCRC is to plug gaps and improve growth potential for the region’s horticultural sector. It will also identify digital disruption threats and opportunities and ensure that skill shortages are addressed and training developed.

Research and development will play a vital role in all of this. Our partners will work closely with the MSHCRC board to create a strategy and prioritise problem-based R&D&C programs.

By placing horticulture at the heart of the innovation process, we can unlock its potential. That’s why the Growing Smarter program will have an on-farm research foundation that will ensure outputs reflect a genuine response to need and are fit for purpose.

You can invest financially in this exciting, breakthrough project in four ways:

  • A core partner will be involved in shaping aspects of MSHCRC’s direction and business model. This will include the R&D strategy as well as commercialisaiton and intellectual property agreements.
  • supporting partner will be involved on a more flexible basis. You may chose to invest in a specific project – but we can set up an agreement that meets our respective business objectives and priorities.
  • business partner will work on your business identified problems on a project needs basis.
  • brand partner can be associated with the lead research and education facility in Australasia and engage with relevant target audiences that support your market segment. You will also have access to contemporary education and training for staff, relationship opportunities with investors and partners and other value propositions as identified.

If you’d like to be involved in this exciting project, contact CEO Daryl Buckingham on

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