Kings Billabong - Mildura Region
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Kings Billabong

About This Project

The aim of the Kings Billabong project is to establish a working Aboriginal village on the banks of Kings Billabong – Yerre Yerre – in Mildura. The proposed project will be an Indigenous tourism, education and training hub where culture can be kept, shared and supported. It will be a unique attraction, the only one of its kind in the region and in addition to the training component, Yerre Yerre will incorporate a ‘glamping’ tourist accommodation facility.  The village will provide an opportunity for training and cultural exchange programs and support for Indigenous start-ups within the arts and eco-adventure cultural tourism sectors. With a commercial kitchen, Yerre Yerre will also be available as a site for Indigenous and fusion cooking. It is also considered that Yerre Yerre could provide a support avenue for youth coming through the Koori court. The authentic cultural experience will define Yerre Yerra as a unique attraction, Both visitors and Indigenous people will have the opportunity to be part of our living legacy as they explore Aboriginal traditions and culture.


  • A language hub
  • Bespoke training and education centre
  • A living community space and cultural centre
  • Onsite glamping tourist accommodation
  • A support hub for Aboriginal ventures
  • A commercial kitchen
  • On the job training
  • The latest technology

Target Audience

  • Mildura’s Indigenous community
  • Visitors to the region
  • Local residents (school and community groups etc.)


The overarching goal is to provide and support, pathways and opportunities for the development of Aboriginal tourism experiences in the Mildura region.

  1. A leading Indigenous tourism product that is a benchmark for cultural and tourism offerings nationally;
  2. Increased visitation to and length of stay in, the region by a minimum of two days;
  3. Build and position Mildura Aboriginal tourism businesses as sustainable tourism experiences and provide pathways for Aboriginal employment;
  4. Encourage Mildura regional Aboriginal tourism ventures and the wider tourism industry to work collectively and add value by connecting local Aboriginal culture with commercial outcomes;
  5. Identify and develop partnerships;
  6. Increase Aboriginal employment opportunities through the development of sustainable tourism ventures;
  7. Empower Aboriginal communities and individuals to achieve self-reliance, sustainability and vibrancy;
  8. Adopt a collaborative approach and promote Mildura Aboriginal tourism ventures that add value to each other;
  9. Develop and support business plans and models for individual communities, organisations for Aboriginal owned tourism ventures that meet quality standards.

Visitors will:

  • Experience an authentic living Aboriginal village;
  • Learn about the vibrant Aboriginal culture and traditions of the Latji Latji, Nyeri Nyeri, Tati Tati, Barkindji and Mutthu Mutthi nations;
  • Experience the beautiful Yerre Yerre (Kings Billabong)
  • Enjoy and participate in Indigenous cooking demonstrations;
  • Learn about traditional weaving using local cotton grass;
  • Learn about Aboriginal art and watch the creative process;
  • Develop an understanding of the Mildura region’s history and learn what life was like in the challenging environment of the Victorian/NSW outback, where daily life involved hinting and gathering, fishing, cooking and other traditional activities;
  • Participate in eco – adventure and cultural tourism activities.


Local Indigenous community

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Parks Victoria

Private sector investors

It is planned for ownership and ongoing management of the project to be 50% Indigenous, with an Indigenous employment target of 80%.