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2014 Regional Overview


The Mildura region is located in the tri-state region of

Northern Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia,

where the Murray and Darling rivers meet. It is a diverse,

innovative and vibrant region, renowned for its citrus,

grape, almond and wine production. Home to Mungo

National Park, part of the World Heritage listed Willandra

Lakes, the area has a rich indigenous history, with

record of human occupation dating back over 40,000

years. In the 1840s European settlers established sheep

runs in the area, founding the town of Wentworth in the

1860s. Wentworth went on to become one of the

busiest and largest inland ports, with the river playing a

crucial role in transporting goods to and from the region.

In 1886, Canadian brothers William and George Chaffey

arrived in Australia and built an irrigation settlement

on the Murray River. In 1887 Mildura was officially

established, with the irrigation colony becoming one

of the first horticultural regions in Australia. The area

became popular with post-war settlers and immigrants

from Italy, Greece and Turkey, who moved to the

region to establish irrigated fruit growing properties.

The Mildura region is now a significant food producing

region, processing 20% of Australia’s wine grape

crush, 75% of table grapes, 98% of dried grapes,

68% of almonds and 24% of citrus.

Some of Australia’s largest wineries, fruit packers

and processors are located in the Mildura region,

with names such as Sunbeam Foods, Treasury Wine

Estate (makers of the well known Lindemans brand),

Australian Vintage (makers of McGuigan wines) and

Mildura Fruit Company all based in the Mildura region.

Our Mediterranean climate and location on the Murray

and Darling rivers have made it a popular tourist

destination, and a sought after place to live, work

and invest.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics cat. no. 3218.0 (2012); Dept. of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Small Area Labour Market Report; (2012); Victorian Dept. of Human

Services ‘Rental Report’ (June 2012); Notes: (a) Represents median 2 bedroom house rental price in Mildura Rural City Council.’

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48,350 sq km



(September 2012)


$240 pw

(MRCC June 2012)



$2.765 billion