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2014 Regional Overview


On behalf of the Mildura Development Corporation, I am proud

to present the new Regional Overview: Mildura-Wentworth. This

publication profiles the Mildura region’s people, economy, industry,

infrastructure and unique assets, and is a valuable resource for

future planning, grant applications and business planning, and is

particularly useful for investors, business, government, individuals

and people researching moving to the region.

This comprehensive overview sources data and information from

the Australian Bureau of Statistics, industry associations, local,

state and federal Government departments, education and utility

providers, and numerous local organisations and businesses.

Whilst renowned for quality horticultural production, the Mildura

region’s economy has diversified and expanded over many years

to include a variety of industries. Value adding industries such

as manufacturing (predominantly wine, fruit, vegetable and nut

processing) have become well established in the region and benefit

from the area’s tri-state location and transport infrastructure.

Tourism is also a strong sector for our economy with the Mildura

region a well-known tourist destination. The area is best known

for its Mediterranean style climate; its location on the Murray

and Darling Rivers; its proximity to Mungo National Park, part

of the world heritage listed Willandara Lakes; and being the

home of home of famous chef and entrepreneur Stefano de Pieri.

We also have a large variety of retail outlets, events and festivals,

restaurants, hotels and clubs, sporting facilities and events, and

a strong arts culture to offer visitors and residents.

More recently Mildura has become an area of great interest to

the renewable energy sector, with an abundance of sunshine

hours, clear days and excellent infrastructure, making it Victoria’s

premier solar location.

People enjoy living in the Mildura region as it has a great lifestyle,

excellent education facilities, access to a variety of health and

community services as well as many activities for people of all


We hope that you find this a useful and informative publication

that promotes the opportunities and diversity that the Mildura

region offers.

Chris Ellis


Mildura Development Corporation Inc.